What Makes A Link Builder An “Expert”?

Link building is not as easy as it may seem. For a link builder, it’s a time consuming and challenging job. It involves a large number of links to make your brand and only one link to break your brand. Therefore, link builders have to be smart and attentive.

Someone who involves in link development is called a link builder either exchanging links, buying and selling links or baiting links through content. Therefore, like other marketing experts, link builders must possess some skills that can make him/her an Expert.

Knowledge of Domain - Link building is data intensive because of the amount of research and tracking it requires. If a link builder has good knowledge of the domain, it can help him to gather quality resources for link. A link builder has to understand the domain specifically, so that he can analyze linking effect for each domain.

Understanding of Quality - Every link does not pay equally. Link builder has to understand that one quality link could be much better than 100 low quality links. A link from low quality or non-indexed sites can be a worthless effort.

Like others, for a link builder time management is of paramount importance. And hence he should devote his valuable time for right thing (quality link) and in a right manner (using the best techniques).

Good writing skills-In online marketing, where you can not make your presence verbally communication through writing is the only option. For a link builder, good writing skills include being able to convey message effectively and convince others for your work.

Link builder's job includes too much communication with site owners, webmasters and customers. Thus, link builder must have the ability to represent a website in the best possible way.

Hardworking and tactical – Link building is an ongoing process which requires hard work in each and every effort such as data collection, sending mail for link exchange, adding links etc. All these efforts require hard work for better implementation.

Not every time you can receive good response by following the predefined activities, and there you need to use few tactics to get a result. Here, the tactical skills of a link builder come into consideration. Link builder should be able to deal with people in a sensible and tactful manner.

A link building campaign success totally depends on link builder’s skills. Thus for a link builder, it’s advisable to develop and improve these skills with time and become an "Expert".