Advanced Tips For Link Builders Using Google Search

Link building is a fairly time consuming task, and much of is spent in looking at various websites for links that could be linked back to your website. In fact, it's possible to spend hours looking at search results for a site that links to sites similar to yours. However, there are some tips that can help speed up the search for sites to link to. The idea behind these tips is to maximize your results while minimizing your time and effort.

Google typically returns ten results per every page in a search. However, if you put in a search and then go up to the address bar and add "&num=100" at the end of the URL, you'll get a Google search result page with 100 results listed instead of ten. This allows you to more quickly search the list of returned pages. You won't have to click next over and over, and you can more easily compare

Don't be afraid to use Boolean search functions. You may want to look for sites that are in the same field as your site and have a specific phrase or keyword in them. For this, use the AND operator. You can search for "London" AND "Angora sweaters" to find websites that sell angora sweaters in London. This allows you to quickly narrow down your search results to only those who fit your topic. You can use Boolean searches to search for specific keyword phrases or to eliminate specific keywords that continue to come up in searches.

It's also possible to search by TLD domain type and by the page title. This also allows you to narrow down your search results. You can use this to search text in the page title and the domain. For example, if you only want to see .edu results that include specific keywords, you can use the "inurl" command.

Searching for links by using keywords is another option. You can use the "intitle" search command to see what pages use specific phrases and file extensions. Using this search, you can narrow down your search results to only .html pages that feature the term "SEO marketing." You can even use this type of search structure to eliminate specific sites from your results page. All you need to do is add "" at the end of the query.

These different search tips can help you quickly and easily get a list of URLs that may be perfect for link building. While you will still have to invest some time in your link building searches, you will be able to shift through sites much more quickly. By narrowing your search results down to only those that fit your criteria and then viewing more of them at once, you won't spend as much time clicking through results. It may not seem like much, but cutting out even a few minutes from each search will save you a lot of time in the long run.